You havent experienced Africa unless you experience its Wildlife...

Safari – The Big Five

Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopards and Rhinoceros. Cape Adventure can take you to some incredible game farms in the Western Cape.


Boulders Beach has a colony of African Penguins, which settled there in 1982 and never left. It is one of the very few sites where this vulnerable bird can be observed at very close range, wandering freely in a protected natural environment.

Walking with lions

Walk with a family of African lions, it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience that you will cherish forever.

Feeding elephants

The close encounter you experience with these mammoth creatures is truly one of a kind.

Seal Island

Home to 75,000 Cape Fur Seals and 24 different bird species. You can even encounter Dolphins, Humpback whales and Great White sharks.