This is a much loved favourite of locals and tourists visiting the Cape. Due to Cape Towns stunning mountain ranges and spectacular views, this is the most beautiful way to get your adrenaline kick.

Your journey begins from the land marks of Signal Hill or Lions Head, both popular tourist destinations from which to enjoy the sun setting over city or stretching your legs on a hike. The views are a site to be reckoned with.

Brace yourself as you run for the edge of the mountain. But dont worry - soon the wind will catch the parachute and send you soaring into the air. As your heart races with excitement, spare a moment to take in the breathtaking views of Table Mountain and pristine beaches surrounded by the valley below.

If the wind is strong enough you may be lucky enough to experience your instructor pulling a few tricks on the way down to land on the Sea Point Promenade.

A site to see, landing para gliders often pull a crowd of people who have come to enjoy a stroll or picnic on the promenade.