Aqua Adrenalin

Take to the water for adventure sports that will leave you begging for more.

With a range of activities on offer, there is no reason not to get your toes wet.

Beginners and advanced sports enthusiasts will want to dive right in for these family friendly experiences. A day at the dam with a difference!

Try your hands at:

Water Skiing

Try slalom ski or 2 skis for beginners or go barefoot if youre more advanced. If you have skied before on snow or had a go on the dry slopes, this should prove only slightly more challenging. Try get up on the first go - what a great feeling!

Water Tubing

This offers a fun activity for a group of friends or the whole family. No experience needed. Hold on tight as we speed you across the dam in this single man tube. Guaranteed fun bouncing up and down over the wakes. Sure to get the blood pumping.


Beginners can learn from one of South Africas top wake boarders, Andrew Bourne (subject to availability). If you can already snowboard, skate board or surf then this will come naturally. Soon you will be pulling off tricks like a pro in what is a truly exhilarating experience for all.

Three Man Tube

Hold on tight as the G-force pulls you and friends across the water. Enjoy the ride, taking care not to fall in as the tube bounces over the rapids.